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CCTV Lenses

Raymax CATS series of 24/7 Motorized Zoom Low-Light CCTV Lenses allow 24hrs operation without the need for refocussing throughout the focal range.

From the CATS 300 ½” C 10-300mm, 30x magnification, F2.8 – F360 lens through to the CATS 2000 with the capability to confirm a licence plate at 2km’s or the capability to locate a human/vehicle target at 13km’s with its 100x (200x with extender magnification) ½” C 10-1000mm (20-2000mm w/2x extender), F4.0 - F256 / F8.0 - F512 (with 2x Ext.) specifications day OR night, the CATS range of IR capable lenses remove the requirement to manually swap in & out IR filters & there’s no longer a requirement to operate tandem separate day & night camera/lens configurations.

The CATS range of optics specifications include -

  • Super-Apochromat
  • High resolution, High contrast

The CATS 2000 additionally includes -

  • Video AI with manual override iris
  • Focus/Zoom motorised with presets
  • Lens controller

For more information on the Raymax CATS lenses, please see -
CATS 300 30x IR Motorised Zoom Lens
CATS 1500 60x IR 30x Motorised Zoom
CATS 2000 100x (200x with 2x Ext) including video


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