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PNP-MC Night Vision Device with XR5 Auto-gated Image Intensifier Tube & Interchangeable C Mount lenses
PBS-18 Night Vision Device with XR5 Auto-gated ONYX Image Intensifier Tube
MCC7 Miniature High Resolution Colour CCTV Camera
Elmo Super Micro Lenses  

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PNP-MC XR5 Auto-gated Night Vision Device with Interchangeable C Mount Lenses.

The PNP-MC is an image intensifier mini monocular night scope incorporating the latest technologies in a compact robust moulded glass filled polymer lightweight body with interchangeable 'C' mount objective lenses .

With the PNP-MC's interchangeable lens feature, standard photographic equipment can be quickly turned into a powerful, effective night-time device, dramatically enhancing your intelligence gathering and observation capability.

The unique feature is the standard 'C' mount for the objective lens, enabling standard CCTV camera lenses to be used. Special purpose adaptors enable the PNP to be mounted onto a wide variety of dSLR and video cameras (including CCTV cameras).

This ex-demonstration PNP-MC utilises a slightly blemished XR5 Image Intensifier Tube.

Clear-out price on application.

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PNP-MC Miniature Night Vision Device with Interchangable Lenses


PBS-18 XR5 Auto-gated ONYX (B&W) Night Vision Device.

The PBS-18 tactical multi-purpose lightweight monocular has a very high resolution 72lp/mm. high sensitivity XR5  ONYX Image Intensifier Tube & incorporates a high powered 75mW (up to 3x more powerful than its competitors) invisible to the human eye medium range infrared illuminator.

This ex-demonstration PBS-18 utilises an AutoGated high grade  XR5 ONYX Image Intensifier Tube.

Clear-out price on application.

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  PBS 18 Night Vision Multipurpose Tactical Pocket Scope


MCC7 Miniature High Resolution Colour CCTV Camera.
The MCC7 Miniature Colour High Resolution CCTV Camera is the smallest diameter (7-9mm)/length (20mm) CCD camera available today. The Control Box measures only 60mm x 52mm x 16mm! The MCC7 provides 480TVL resolution, resulting in truly unsurpassed image quality. With a range of 5x lenses & 5x cable (Multicore) lengths up to 15m, the MCC7 is the ideal miniature covert colour CCTV system, ideally suited to all surveillance applications & requirements. Video output is PAL composite via BNC.

WAS   AUD9,123.00 inc GST (2.2mm F2.8 lens & power supply included)
NOW AUD5,124.00 inc GST (2.2mm F2.8 lens & power supply included)

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MCC7 Miniature High Resolution Colour CCTV Camera.



ELMO Super-Micro camera lenses (to suit MCC7 above and Elmo micro cameras)

2x   Elmo 1.8mm F2.7 Super-Micro camera lens QT271AS AUD378.00 ea (FOB)
17x Elmo 2.2mm F2.8 Super-Micro camera lens QT282AS AUD365.00 ea (FOB)


  Elmo Super-Micro camera lens



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