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AstroScope 9323B Night Vision Module for ENG/EFP Broadcast Cameras

“Used by the majority of the world’s news broadcasters including CNN, NBC, American ABC, CBS, FOX News, MSNBC, BBC, Headline and the like in addition to many producers of natural history documentaries such as National Geographic & Discovery Channel”.

The Astro­Scope Night Vision Module is able to trans­form dark, moonlit, or starlit nights (as low as 10‑6 lux) into bright, high resolution scenes easily re­corded by the camera  without the characteristic vignetting/'port-holing' as experienced with Night Vision Devices.
Same day dispatch of Night Vision Module in most instances.
The Night Vision Module utilises the latest US Gen III FOM1250 Defence Grade Image Intensification technology, resulting in unparalleled  64lp/mm & totally unblemished high resolution imaging!!
  • Provides seamless integration between the host ENG camera and lens
  • Intensifier module powered directly from host ENG camera
  • Permits the use of all standard optics
  • Rugged professional grade accessory

The 9323 broadcast Night Vision Module is specifically designed for ENG / EFP 2/3" B4 cameras and delivers the highest quality night time video images available to professional broadcasters. Mounted between the camera and the lens, the module amplifies low-light scenes so they are easily viewed and recorded by the host camera.

The AstroScope is easy to use and requires no set-up, calibration or training. The module maintains full electronic control of the lens iris and zoom and draws minimal power from the camera's rechargeable battery via the lens cable connection.

The Night Vision Module provides professional broadcasts with the highest quality night-time video images. With the AstroScope mounted between the camera and the lens, the module amplifies low-light scenes so they are easily viewed and recorded by the host camera.

No batteries are required as the energy efficient AstroScope 9323 Night Vision Module draws minimal power from the camera's rechargeable battery vis the lens cable connection.

The heart of the 9323B Night Vision Module is the Gen III light amplifier, an electro-optical device with communication electronics that ensure proper interface between the camera and the lens. This light amplifier transforms dark, moonlit or starlit nights into bright, high-resolution scenes easily recorded by the camera's daylight sensor. The AstroScope 9323B Night Vision Module extends the camera's usable light range without any drawbacks.  

Electronic News Gathering
Major networks around the globe have been capturing images under the most extreme conditions. Imbedded news crews are required by their news directors to provide images day and night time. The AstroScope professional night vision modules for ENG cameras is used by most networks in the world's ‘hot spots’ to capture combat images!

Entertainment Program Production 
Night vision has supported the military and law enforcement communities for years. Today, night vision finds applications in US feature film and entertainment program productions, delivering image quality
that is required for broadcast production. Special scenes can be created that delight and captivate
audiences with spectacular low-light imaging.  

"if it’s green and on the screen, it’s off an AstroScope”  
  • Nocturnal Wildlife Observation
  • Broadcast Night-time
  • News Gathering
  • Law Enforcement
  • Government Surveillance
  • Private and Corporate Security Surveillance


7cm x 13.7cm
0.3mW ( 50mA )
System magnifications
(excl. Lens mag.) 1x
Objective Lens Mount:
2/3" B4 bayonet (female)
Camera Lens Mount:
2/3" B4 bayonet (male)

AstroScope 9323B Night Vision Module for 2/3" B4 ENG cameras
AstroScope 9323B Night Vision Module mounted to ENG camera

Pocketscope Night Vision image  
AstroScops Night Vision image   AstroScope 9323
Night Vision Module

Unlike pocketscope-based night vision setups, AstroScope delivers the sharpest detail and the highest quality full-frame images with no vignetting on most platforms.


This footage is supplied to provide you with an overview of what is achievable.
It doesn't represent the full quality obtainable with the 9323B.

9323B on Channel 9
9323B on ABC
9323B on 4 Corners
9323B on Channel 7
9323B used in the Navy

PDF   Document Kit flyer & price list
PDF Document  Datasheet
PDF Document   9323B operating manual

Night Vision



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