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PNP-MCi Miniature, Lightweight, Ruggedised Night Vision Device with interchangeable 'C' Mount Objective Lenses

Also see PNP-Mi Night Vision Device

NATO Stock Number: 5855-99-855-1401

The PNP-MCi is an image intensifier mini monocular night scope incorporating the latest technologies in a compact robust moulded glass filled polymer lightweight body with interchangeable 'C' mount objective lenses .

With the PNP-MCi's interchangeable lens feature, standard photographic equipment can be quickly turned into a powerful, effective night-time device, dramatically enhancing your intelligence gathering and observation capability.

The unique feature is the standard “C” mount for the objective lens, enabling standard CCTV camera lenses to be used. Special purpose adaptors enable the PNP to be mounted onto a wide variety of dSLR and video cameras (including CCTV cameras).

* Unique to the industry, the PNP-MCi incorporates a 75mW IR illuminator - 4x more powerful than all other NVD’s map reading illuminators. The additional invisible 810nm IR illumination provides up to 20m of unseen ‘to the naked eye’ luminosity – a critical tactical advantage! A red LED in the eyepiece illuminates when the IR illuminator is on as does a yellow LED when a low battery state occurs.

* The unique in-built ‘safety photo sensor’ prevents accidental operation during daylight by terminating power to the Image Intensifier Tube, which otherwise, would typically irreparably damage the Tube. This protection, of course, does not activate in darkness in the case of bright flashes, vehicle headlights even at very short distances, nor in street lighting or inside illuminated confines.

Utilising the PNP-MCi's Optical Modules (see images at right) instead of utilising the camera's lens as a relay lens, allows the operator to seamlessly & effortlessly mount the PNP-MCi on Nikon & Canon EOS dSLR bodies without having to pre-focus the cameras lens & without having to adjust the zoom lens. On cameras with nominal 24mm x 16mm or 36 x 24mm APSC or FF chips, dependant upon camera body, vignetting of the image may be eliminated.

PNP-MCi is a powerful, multi-purpose pocket-sized monocular night scope. The pocket scope is designed to be used either as a stand-alone night vision device or in combination with a wide variety of camcorders, dSLR photography, CCTV equipment and spotting scopes.

It is ideally suited for covert night-time observation and intelligence-gathering purposes using standard photographic media, as well as an effective aid to night-time field missions.

PNP-MCi employs a choice of image intensifier tubes characterized by high resolution and a clear, bright image including autogated types.

In addition, a range of adaptors allow dSLR camera lenses to be used on the PNP-MCi in place of CCTV lenses.


PNP-MC Miniature Night Vision Device with Interchangable Lenses
PNP-MCi Miniature Night Vision Scope
Optical Module for PNP-MC Night Vision Device
Optical Module eliminates the need to focus & refocus when when mounted on camera body
Optical Module for PNP-MC Night Vision Device
Optical Module reduces or
eliminates image vignetting
PNP-MC Night Vision Device mounted on tripod  PNP-MCi Night Vision Device mounted on tripod Night Vision PNP-M mono duo head harness config
PNP-MCi Night Vision Monocular
Head Mounted

This footage is supplied to assist you in obtaining an overview of what is achievable with the kit. It doesn't represent the kit's full capabilities.

60 Minutes Iraq TV segment
Foreign Correspondent Afghanistan TV segment

PDF Document PNP-MCi Datasheet


  • High resolution & high sensitivity
  • Ultra compact design 
  • Interchangeable 'C' mount objective lenses
  • Unique 75mW IR illuminator - 4x more powerful than all other NVD’s map reading illuminators
  • Unique ‘safety photo sensor’ prevents accidental operation during daylight
  • Low battery indicator in eyepiece
  • Available with 5 different image intensification/night vision tubes
  • 40 – 100hrs from 1x AA battery
  • Auto Brightness Control (ABC) and Flash Protection
  • Optional 3x magnification lens available
  • Construction - moulded glass filled polymer
  • Dioptre adjustment
  • Camcorder adaptor available for attachment to PNP-M Night Vision Device
  • SLR/camcorder adaptor available
  • CCTV relay lens available for mounting on CCTV cameras
  • Head mountable / monocular or biocular configurations
  • Operating temperature -45°C - +55°C 
  • Weight 293gms without lens or battery
  • Size 42mm(w) x 67mm (h) x 114mm (l)
  • Complies with MIL STD 810E
  • Complies with MIL STD 167


  • Covert surveillance
  • Special Ops
  • Special Forces 
  • Defence 
  • Law Enforcement
  • Correctional Services 
  • Military 
  • Policing 
  • Customs



* Australian & New Zealand procurements -
There are dispensations of UK Ministry of Defence export restrictions for resident purchases by non-government end users ~ re-export from Australia requires both Australian Department of Defence licensing ( and UK Ministry of Defence permissions.


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