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The term ‘sensors’ when used in low-light covert surveillance, can denote many technologies, that being

  • Night Vision (image intensification)
  • Thermal Imaging (heat detection)
  • Miniature (concealable)

Night Vision refers to a sensor that utilises an Image Intensifier (Tube) to magnify the available ambient light into a ‘workable’ image. The Image Intensifier is incorporated into the camera/sensor focal plane to provide high resolution low-light imaging.

Thermal Imaging refers to cameras/sensors that utilise a Thermal Detector as the image gathering device. The Thermal sensor detects the ‘heat signature’ of the target.

Night Vision & Thermal Imaging sensors each have their benefits & drawbacks

  • Night Vision will provide an image that will identify features of persons & objects, however requires some ambient light to magnify.
  • Thermal Imaging will operate in zero light conditions, however, unlike Night Vision, won’t provide detailed images.

Kit such as the (DANOS) Day & Night Observation System incorporates Image Fusion technology, which fuses both the Night Vision & Thermal Imaging images together as an overlay, providing the operator with the benefits of both technologies.


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